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How To Prevent and Reduce Bloating Immediately

How To Prevent and Reduce Bloating Immediately - How to prevent/reduce bloating an for stomachache girlies

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor I'm just sharing things that helped me if u have serious issues please see a professional and english isn't my first language DON'T ATTACK ME

Bloating and stomachaches can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. There are several reasons why you might feel bloated, including eating too much too fast, eating incompatible food combinations, or not drinking enough water. If you're looking for ways to prevent and reduce bloating immediately, this article provides some simple tips and tricks.

✯ Why Do You Feel Bloated? 

It might be a digestive issue or a sign of a "broken" metabolism.  Sometimes it's caused by eating too much too fast, eating food combinations that don't digest well together or not drinking enough water

How To Prevent and Reduce Bloating Immediately

✯How to Prevent It? 

1) Don't eat weird food combinations JUST TO ADD VOLUME TO UR MEAL SOME FOODS DIGEST DIFFERENTLY so don't eat huge complicated one meal eat little and simple multiple meals give ur body time to digest all of them

For example meat digests slow and fruit digests really fast when u eat fruit right after meat it sits on top of meat waiting to be digested SOMETIMES IT TAKES HOURSby eating them together you made something that digests easy and fast wait.This can make u bloated and uncomfortable

Avoid eating meat&fruits meat&starches fruit&starches together. But to add volume to ur meal you can always add VEGETABLES. It digests well with almost everything

2) Don't drink water with ur meal drink it at least 10 minutes before ur meal. This will make u fuller and prepare ur digestive system for the meal

3) Eat slowly. When u eat fast u swallow air and feel gassy. Eat slower and give ur body time to digest everything don't eat so much food at the same time you can try eating on smaller plates, using chopsticks or timing urself while eating

✯ How to reduce it? 

1) Try yoga poses. 

I SWEAR THIS HELPS SO FAST AND IT'S SO EASY this is my favorite video it's so relaxing do it once or twice after 5 minutes you'll start seeing results.

Massaging ur belly also works if you're too lazy for yoga it releases trapped gas


Your body needs water to process and digest foods. You need at least 2.5L a day.Drink one big glass before and after your meals. Challenge yourself like "I'm not going to eat before finishing this bottle" (it also helps getting rid of water weight)


JUST MOVE MORE you got groceries? take multiple trips to carry them inside, someone needs something from another room? go get it, stop acting like you're the mc by listening to ur saved sounds from tt JUST GET UP AND DANCE


I tried to explain it as simple as possible I mainly used this video as my source of information you can watch it for more detailed explanation thanks for reading it I hope it wasn't too boring♡♥︎

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