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How to Submit Url to Google Webmaster Bulk

How to Submit Url to Google Webmaster Bulk API - Submitting your website's URLs to Google Webmaster is vital for ensuring your pages are indexed and ranked in Google's search results. However, the traditional method of manually submitting URLs one by one can be quite tedious and time-consuming.

But fear not! There's a convenient solution available that allows you to submit multiple URLs all at once. Enter the Google Indexing API Bulk tool, your new best friend in the world of URL submission.

Over the past week, SEO experts have been facing a perplexing issue as Google has sporadically de-indexed pages from its search results. 

It's enough to make anyone scratch their heads or even pull out their hair! Thankfully, the Google Indexing API Bulk tool comes to the rescue and offers a way to overcome this challenge.

Despite its original purpose of handling job posting URLs, the API actually works for any type of page you want to submit. When you request Google to crawl a page using this API, it works like lightning, ensuring speedy indexing.

You can find all the necessary files and detailed instructions on how to use them by following the happy link provided.

In this article, we'll guide you through the simple steps of bulk submitting URLs to Google Webmaster, all while wearing a smile on our faces. So, let's get started and make URL submission a joyful experience!

How to Submit Url to Google Webmaster Bulk API



Run with : ( nodejs )

Download :

Get URL from Sitemap.xml :

Get .JSON from your Gmail:


1. To begin, you'll need to visit the Google Indexing API Bulk tool on GitHub. You can find it at this happy link: [Github]. 

This tool provides a Python script that allows you to submit URLs to Google Webmaster in bulk.

2. We'll use an online Python environment called . It's super friendly and easy to use. 

Just go to  and sign in or create a new account

3. than import the repository on replit

4. Next, let's grab the Google Indexing API Bulk tool. You can download it from this cheerful link: []. 

Once downloaded, unzip the file to your preferred location.

5. To submit URLs in bulk, we'll collect them from your website's sitemap.xml file.

To make it easy, we'll use a cool tool called

6. we need to authenticate our requests. It's a piece of cake! Just follow the instructions in this happy YouTube video: [].

It will guide you through creating a service account and obtaining the JSON credentials file. Remember to add the email from the JSON file to your webmaster account as an owner. It's like inviting them to a party!

7. Now, let's give the Google Indexing API the necessary permissions to access your webmaster account. 

8. Just add the email address "" to your webmaster account. 

9. It's time to have fun with the URL list! Open the downloaded tool and find the "url.txt" file, and submit your url list into url.txt

10. Run replit and done

In contrast, the alternative method of on-demand crawling or indexing a page through Search Console can be quite laborious when dealing with multiple pages. That's where our script comes into play. We have developed a fantastic solution that allows you to perform bulk URL submission effortlessly.

So that's all about How to Submit Url to Google Webmaster Bulk

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