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WhatsApp blast CLI Version

WhatsApp blast CLI Version - Simple app for blasting WhatsApp message - That company has bots running it. Good luck getting thru to them. I upgraded my service from May 27 and yet to get it upgraded. Endless loops with bots who asking same questions via email and Whatsapp. No wonder they lost the premier league rights. I save am so I go blast people for my WhatsApp cuz I don too make mouth for there

WhatsApp Marketing Software

✅ Blast Messages to WhatsApp Groups in bulk

✅ Blast Messages to saved contacts in bulk

✅ Auto join groups in bulk


  • Add random text on message
  • Select the number list
  • Select the message list
  • Message with name
  • Create report


Requires Node.js v12 - v14 to run.

Install the dependencies

git clone https://github.com/windantara/whatsapp-blast-cli.git

npm i

Running app:

node .


numberlist folder = list of number file (txt format), example: data1.txt

textlist folder = list of message file (txt format), example: message1.txt

Message with name = use format {name} in message file


Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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