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VS Code Pink Theme Download

VS Code pink theme tema - I just released the "UwU Kawai Theme" theme extension on Vs Code, which of course you can get for free, the theme I released is bright pink, according to my favorite color. 

Most of a developer's coding and problem-solving is done in a text editor. In the field of development, there are many different types, each with unique characteristics and customization possibilities.

VS Code pink theme

This theme is not recommended for those of you who use Vs Code in the long term in front of your computer / laptop screen But don't worry, I will continue to update this theme with better results, and make users more comfortable for sure. 

Start by installing using the following command:

- ext install sazumiviki.uwu-theme-kawai 

or Download :



- https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...

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