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How To Read Hindu Calendar Explained

How To Read Hindu Calendar Explained - The Hindu calendar is a complex system of timekeeping that has been in use for centuries in India and other parts of South Asia. 

It is based on the movement of the sun and the moon and is used to determine the dates of festivals, holy days, and other important events in the Hindu religion. 

In this article, we will explain how to read the Hindu calendar and understand its various components.

After reading this article:

1. U will be easily able to read Hindu calendar

2. Easily find out Hindu festival, fasts, pooja

3. Will be able to anticipate date just by seeing moon

4. find importance of tithis n plan ur work accordingly

Why Diwali comes sometime in Oct, sometime in Nov ?

Actually it comes on same date every year u check wrong calendar

How To Read Hindu Calendar Explained

Coz All Hindu festivals are celebrated as per Hindu Calendar. 

This article is in simplest language n after reading this Hindu calendar will be as easy as English

There r 2 Hindu calendar system available in India



In North India, Purnimanta system is more popular so I will explain Purnimanta system but basics r same in both system n after learning one u can easily learn other also

First what is common between English gregarine Calendar (EC) n Hindu Calendar (HC)

- Both have 12 months in a year

- Both have 30 days month

I will use EC and HC abbreviation for English and Hindu calendar in this article

Now what's different:

- EC have 28, 30, 31 in different months but HC have fixed 30 days in all months

- EC have 24 hours days but in HC, day can be less than 24 hours or can be more than 24 hours also

In EC new date starts at midnight 00:00 AM but in HC new date can start at any time of day like today pratipada is up to 20:23:34 after that dwitiya will start. We mostly check tithi at time of sun rise

- EC is based on solar cycle, HC is based on Lunar (moon) cycle

-Now this is big one n imp :

in EC date is presented in mm/dd/yyyy format

like Feb/25th/2022

In HC we have one more parameter n that is fortnight (FF)

In HC we write : mm/ff/dd/yyyy


So in HC a month is further divided in 2 fortnights (15 days)

These 2 fortnights r-

1. Krishna Paksha (1st fortnight)

2. Shukla Paksha (2nd fortnight)

So like EC we dont have dates like 16, 17 in HC

After 15th day, 1st day of second fortnight starts

U just need to know 2 rules to understand Hindu Calendar n those 2 rules 

Rule No 1 : If it is krishna paksha then its first fortnight of month (1-15 days) n if it is Shukla Paksha then its 2nd fortnight of month(16th - 30th days)

Rule No 2 : If it is Amavasya its 15th day of month, If it is Purnima its last that means 30th day of the month

that's it

Congratulations u just learnt how to read Hindu Calendar 

so if it is:

Krishna panchmi = 5th day of month

Amavasya = 15th day

Shukla pratipada= 16th day

Shukla dashmi = 25th day

Poornima = 30th day

These r the 12 Hindu months in chronological order-

Chaitra (1st Month)











Phalguna (12th Month)

If u want to remember them then remember them in duos like chaitra-vaisakh, jeth-ashadh, savan-bhado..

Normally there is difference of 3-4 months in EC and HC (HC 3-4 months behind EC)

So if 3-4 month of EC is going on (March - April) then it will 1st month of HC

12th month of EC (Dec) will be 9th - 10th month of HC

So now u know if it is  :


It means it is 24th day of 1st Hindu month

That's the birthday of Shri Ram - Ramnavami

If it is :


Its 8th day of 6th Hindu month

Its birthday of Lord Krishna

Now u have learnt HC then try to find out festival dates, I m giving few-

Mahashivratri - Phalgun/Krishna/14th

Diwali - Kartik/Amawasya

Hanuman Jayanti - Chaitra/Shukla/14th

Holi - Phalgun/Poornima

Did u observe ? 

Holi dahan is celebrated on last days of last month of year.

n Color wali Holi is played on next day that is 1st day of 1st month of year but we dont celebrate new year on that day. why ?

Coz first fortnight of month is krishna paksha

Shukla paksha is considered more auspicious so new year is celebrated on 16th day of 1st month that is

Chaitra/Shukla/1st (Today's tithi)

Last day - Poornima (Full moon)

First FN, Krishna paksh (size of moon keep decreasing)

15th day - Amavasya - (No moon)

Second FN shukla paksha (moon size

kept increasing)

30th day - Poornima - Full moon

Can u see moon in sky n find tithi ?

Now when u read newspaper then find out what is

mm/ff/dd/yy of that day or u can find on google

Make it your habit

Slowly slowly u will become habitual of it.

This is only way to learn HC

Do u know there is significance of every tithi, every thithi have some associated devta, every tithi have some allowed n some not allowed, some direction, some stuff

It different topic, We will talk abt it in some other article.

For today, I m stopping here

Just one more thingt

The Hindu calender system that I explained in called Purnamanta system.

There is one more system popular that is called Amanta

In Amanta-

1. Shukla paksha is first FN n Krishna Paksha 2nd FN

2. Purnima is 15th day n month ends on Amawasya

Yesterday was last day of 2079 (meaning of 2079 is my id😀) and today is first day of year 2080 according to HC

So Wish you a very very happy and auspicious new year 2080 to all Hindus worldwide

End of article, so that's all about How To Read Hindu Calendar Explained

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