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Discord Profile Picture Downloader Online

How to use Discord Profile Picture Downloader

1. First, you must visit Discord Profile Picture Downloader

2. Submit target discord id  into the column and click search.

3. The preview will appear as shown below

4. Lastly, click "profile picture" to get hd image 


Discord, a widely used communication platform, allows users to customize their profiles with unique profile pictures (PFP) and banners. This comprehensive guide explores various methods and tools for downloading Discord profile pictures, obtaining Discord User IDs, and accessing server icons.

Discord User ID Retrieval

To access detailed information about a Discord user, including their profile picture and banner, the first step is obtaining their Discord User ID. Follow these steps to enable Developer mode on your device:

For PC users: Enable Developer mode in the "Settings" -> "Advanced Settings" tab.
For iOS users: Enable Developer mode in the "Settings" -> "Appearance" tab.
For Android users: Enable Developer mode in the "Settings" -> "Behaviour" tab.

Once Developer mode is enabled, on PC, right-click a Discord profile to copy their User ID. On mobile, press and hold the Discord account, tap the three dots, and select "Copy ID." For a visual guide, refer to an instructional video if needed.

Discord PFP Download Tool

This tool facilitates the viewing and downloading of Discord profile pictures and banners in full HD. Input the Discord User ID, solve the captcha, and click "check user" to access comprehensive information about the user. Clicking on the profile picture or banner allows for full-size viewing and downloading.

Discord Server Profile Picture Icon

For Discord servers, the same tool can be employed by entering the server invite link. This tool provides not only the profile picture but also additional information about the server.

Discord Avatar GIF Download

For those interested in downloading Discord GIF avatars, the tools.revesery.com/picture website offers a dedicated tool. This versatile tool allows users to enlarge and download various avatar types, including GIFs.

Alternative Methods for Downloading Discord Profile Pictures

On desktop, an alternative method involves accessing a user's profile page in a web browser, viewing the page's source code, and extracting the direct profile picture link. This method ensures a high-resolution version of the user's profile photo.

For mobile users, capturing a screenshot of a user's profile picture and saving it to the phone's gallery is the only available option. Keep in mind that this method may not provide the highest quality picture.


This comprehensive guide provides users with various methods and tools for accessing and downloading Discord profile pictures, server icons, and even GIF avatars. Whether on PC, iOS, or Android, enabling Developer mode is the key to obtaining Discord User IDs. 

The Discord PFP Download Tool serves as a centralized solution for gathering detailed information about users, while alternative methods cater to specific user preferences. With these tools and methods, users can enhance their Discord experience by customizing and personalizing their interactions on the platform.

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